About Me

Stephanie Diaz, MA, LPC, NCC

Direct: 720-933-5512

Email: GivingTreeCS@gmail.com

About Me:

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Colorado.   I have a Master’s degree in School Counseling / Human Services from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelors of Science in Human Services from the University of Detroit Mercy. After obtaining my masters degree, I went on to study child and adolescent counseling at Regis University.

I believe we all are a reflection of the compilation of our life experiences and efforts.  It is through the collection of my experiences in mentoring, teaching, guiding and growing that I began Giving Tree Counseling Services in May of 2010.  By taking the collective of my teaching and counseling skills over the past 18+ years,  I am able to provide guidance to those who are wanting to make effective and positive change in their lives. Details of this experience is included below:

* Assisting teens and families in crisis with support, mentoring, access to community resources and a safe place to take a break and regroup.

* Facilitator in individual and group counseling for at risk teen girls. Primary focuses including guiding clients in developing healthy coping skills and strategies to overcome the many overwhelming experiences of teen life including abusive relationships, negative body image, sexual abuse, low self esteem, thought disorders and depression.

* As a home support coach working with foster families, I provided guidance in developing strategies to sustain levels of  success for children transitioning into and out of foster placements.

* As a counselor, coach and supervisor, I worked with adolescents to ensure safety and security while also promoting personal growth.  By developing honest, empathetic connections with youth I was successful in promoting their achievement of therapeutic goals.  I was able to expand my support and reach to these at-risk youth by modeling intervention approaches and techniques, as well as, providing specialized training in cognitive restructuring, behavior management and building healthy self esteem.

Personally speaking, my husband and I have been happily married for over 15 years and we have two sons who I have had the honor and privilege to guide, mentor and love. I enjoy traveling to spend time with family all over the United States and the world including Nevada, Michigan, Washington, Canada, Spain and Peru. Both my boys are very active in sports including soccer, basketball and football. I enjoy watching them participate every chance I get!  Family activities include bike riding, swimming and movies, however in  moments of weakness, I am extremely susceptible to the pull of reality TV!