Couples Counseling

Giving Tree Counseling Services provides support to couples specific to struggles surrounding parenting.  This may include:

  • Lack of consistency in setting and enforcing rules
  • Disagreements around the philosophies of parenting and discipline 
  • Lack of structure and routine for the children
  • Struggles associated with finding balance within the family relationships
  • Family related problem solving
  • Conflict/triangulation of interfamilial dynamics
  • Resolving issues associated with raising teenagers
  • Resolving issues associated with raising a child with behavioral challenges.

As a member of the SonderMind community, I have the distinct privilege of being surrounded by many talented therapists.  If you are seeking support with non-parenting related Couples Counseling, please visit  Here you will find many very talented therapist who are passionate about working with Couples.  If you still have questions, you may contact me and I will help you navigate finding the best therapist for you and your partner.