Family Counseling

Many families faced with crisis, grief and loss and/or lack of effective communication, seek out the support of a therapist.  I work to help members of the family heal from the emotional scars of abuse, trauma and misunderstanding and create an emotionally safe environment that encourages growth and relationship development. I enjoy working with families who:

  • are working to reconnect after a period of separation
  • are impacted by the mental health challenges of a member of the family
  • struggle with effective communication
  • are seeking peace and understanding within the family system
  • are working to overcome the impact of generations of negative decisions
  • are looking to develop new strategies to support each other through difficult times
  • are coping with a life transition 

For more information, please call or send a message requesting a consultation.

As a member of the SonderMind community, I have the distinct privilege of being surrounded by many talented therapists.  If you are not sure if I am the right fit for your families needs, please do not hesitate to give me a call and I will be happy to provide you with support in finding a counselor who can help your family.

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